Mad Sin & Hell Yeah Beer

New Endorsement: Mad Sin - Psychobilly from Berlin, Germany
MAD SIN were born in 1987 out the hard rockin’ street fighting, heavy drinking, seedy gutter of the rockabilly/punk underworld that flourished in a Berlin still entombed by the Eastern Bloc. Not even the Iron Curtain could stop the spread of thesickness that spewed from the first incarnation of the band, Koefte, Stein and Holly when they blasted headlong into the thriving European Psychobilly scene with their first full length album “Chills and Thrills”. 25 years on and 10 albums later the band have grown from the angry psychobilly trio playing squats and back rooms of dingy bars to a full-sized chart-bothering multi-genre embracing globe-trotting behemoth of a band. MAD SIN now happily straddle festival stages looking the crowd straight in the eyes just as they did in 1987 though are still as eager to dive headlong into the audience at a club gig as if the past quarter century had never happened. Check them out at

The Bones & Hell Yeah Beer

New Endorsement: The Bones from Karlskrona, Sweden
THE BONES are back in the ring with another swing!

Is it really already five years ago since Sweden’s finest Punk’n’Roll outfit took over our stereos with „Burnout Boulevard“? Apparently it is, but the good news is: the wait is over. On „Monkeys With Guns“, the fifth studio album in their enduring career, THE BONES are back blazing with 15 blistering, hard hitting new tracks of perfect Punk’n’Roll marriage material made in hell.In our case, hell is a lovely little harbour-town called Karlskrona in the Southwest of Sweden. That’s where it all started out for THE BONES back in 1993. Back then singer/guitarist Beef Bonanza, along with his brother Spooky Fred and bassist Dollar Ace, were working on their first demos, which already included soon-to-be-classics like ‘I Met Elvis At The Nudybar’ and ‘Monsters Prefer Blondes’. When singer/guitar-slinger Marcus „Boner“ Petersson entered the picture in 1996 things began to speed up. Sharing a mutual love for high energetic punk and rock music in the vein of The Ramones and Motörhead and 50s and 60s rock’n’roll, THE BONES were always influenced by the melodic qualities of bands such as The Bay City Rollers and The Barracudas as well. After self-releasing „The Horrorway EP“ in 1997 german punk rock label I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records caught an eye on the ear-catching qualities of THE BONES. Following two more EPs, „Rock n' Roll Race“ and „Six Feet Down, Two Fingers Up“ the swedes finally released their adeptly titled debut album „Screwed, Blued & Tattooed“ in 2000 to critical acclaim...

Lucifer Star Machine & Hell Yeah Beer

New Endorsement: Lucifer Star Machine - Violent Rock'n'Roll From London, UK

Lucifer Star Machine know their game and stay true to their roots. They take their influences from what they deem as real music...Punk Rock, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Blues, Classic Rock...and mix it up to a violent, yet melodic brew that grabs your attention from the get go.

Like trailer trash poets they sing about love, death, their hatred of religion and the frustrations in every little man´s life. These are five guys that have suffered and would die for their Rock´n´Roll. They are a reminder on days when music used to be dangerous. Finally a band you can believe in, a band with a no bullshit attitude and an arsenal of kick ass songs to back it up. Check them out at